Monday, April 28, 2014

Web Hosting

Web Hosting
Web hosting needs to be watched and carefully prepared to come up with the best results with the website you are preparing to create. With the so many web host companies, choosing the best one is not  easy. There are many factors to be considered before buying their services. To select the one perfect for your needs, shop around and follow these tips.

*  Set a standard. Before you choose a web hosting company, see to it that you already have a layout of your planned website and its purpose so that you will know what you are really looking for. This will make it easier for you to find what's appropriate for your website. Having a list of your requirements also helps.

* Availability of technical and customer support. It is really a big factor to consider knowing that sometimes due to circumstances beyond your control, problems will arise. Therefore you need to check if it's available anytime whatever the mode maybe. Be it an e-mail support ticket, a 24/7 hotline or an emergency help desk as long as you will be entertained right away, much better.

* Back up arrangements. Though it is your responsibility that you have another file of your personal information, it's better to have a hosting company that has back up arrangements. You'll never know what lies ahead, so at least you are assured of your files and there's nothing to worry about.

*  Contingency plans. What if something went wrong, does the hosting company can guarantee their services will not be interrupted? This is very crucial especially if there's a server breakdown or power failure for that matter. Make sure that whatever happens, you can continuously enjoy their services, after all that's the reason of their existence.

* Anti-spam policy. Spamming is very prevalent but this can be prevented if the hosting company has an anti-spam policy. It is very stressful if you'll be spammed every now and then so to avoid the inconvenience it will cause, might as well let the hosting company do their thing to get away with it.

*  Payment method. Of course, always be on the safe side especially in financial matters. As they say, when money talks, everybody listens. Sometimes a webhost  may take advantage of its clients by charging them even if the contract is already cancelled. This holds true when credit card is used for payments. To be safe, look for a web host that accepts payment through Paypal, a safer option than credit card because it can be immediately terminated when disagreement arises.

Don't make an immediate decision. Search for a something or two that may influence your decision in web hosting shopping. Joining discussion forums and reading comments as well as testimonies might help. You need to choose an excellent web hosting business  for you to succeed with your website..







Wednesday, April 2, 2014




Why did you join Google+ -  Was it because it was a new social media platform to add to your marketing plan, or just because everyone else was encouraging businesses to join.  After all, it's a social network with the "Google" name on it. Whatever your reasons for signing up for a Google+ business account, there is no doubt that it continues to grow into one of the most valuable social media channels for brands today. It can be very beneficial for your brand in helping it reach a wider audience and turn you into an authority in your niche.

Not everyone knows how to get the most out of their Google+ account, though. You've filled out your profile, created a great cover photo, made a few status updates... but what now... Are you getting noticed. Are you reaching your target audience. If you are still trying to figure out the best way to use Google+ for your brand, then there are still plenty of things to learn about increasing your visibility. When you increase your visibility, you broaden your reach and attract more followers from your target audience, and ultimately letting people see that you are an expert in your field.

Here are five ways that you can boost your brand's visibility on Google+:

Know how far you reach - Posting is an important part of staying active on social media. On Google+, it might not be enough to simply add new content to your own profile, especially if you only have a handful of followers. Join some communities that are likely to have a large number of members who could fit with your target audience. Adding new posts to a community page could help you reach an audience of 7,000 instead of limiting yourself to reaching only your 200 followers. Just remember to post valuable content so you don't come across as a spammer.

Get involved through comments - If you want people to add you to their circles, it's important to start a conversation with them. This is easily done by leaving comments on their profiles and posts. As the relationship builds, you will be added to new circles.

Rethink your posts - Content is valuable on social media, but sometimes a plain written post or a link to your blog just isn't enough to capture attention. Rethink how you add content to your profile. Images, for example, can be very powerful. Instead of just posting a link to your blog, post a great image that will link back to your blog. You could see a lot more traffic with a good picture.

Check out What's Interesting - On Google+, you will find a feed of popular posts called "What's Hot." Here you can find a lot of what is trending on the social network- articles, photos, videos, etc. You can leave your own comments on these trending posts, giving you long-term reach as the posts continue to gain exposure.

Google+ continues to be one of the most valuable social media platforms for business. When you use it correctly, you will expand your reach and grow your audience. This contributes to your image as an authority in your field, which is what we all really want from social media marketing.